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The Pokemorph Multifandom RPG

where the Pokemon drink coffee!

The Pokemorph Multifandom RPG

Pokemon lolz


September 28th, 2006


Hello everyone! I'm new here

September 8th, 2006

IRC Channel

[ygo gx] double gotcha!!
You knew this was coming. D:

I made an IRC channel for the RP. I know most of you already know how to get on, but here's for those of you who don't. I'm not sure yet whether we'll be RPing events on the channel yet, so thus far it's just for general chat. I'll take a poll later and see who'd be up for RPing in the channel.

Anyway, the channel in question is #pokeymanz on irc.darkmyst.org. (Yes, I'm a comedian. Love me.)

Connection instructionsCollapse )

And that should about cover it. If you have any questions about how to do something or are having trouble connecting, comment here and I'll help you out. :D

(Not friends locked because we welcome anyone into the channel, including audience, yayz!)

August 31st, 2006

Hey, hey~!

Since I've been having so much fun with these, I've made a small collection of LJ icons for some of the players here and I hope to continue doing this so I at least give each player one or more icons, just depends on how much time I have ect. to do them :3

Anyway these are the ones I have done so far for the following players:

Icons under cut for Daitokuji, Sora, Wrath and Jack WalkerCollapse )

You don't have to use tham if you don't want to, but they're there if you do :3

August 29th, 2006


[ygo gx] double gotcha!!
What are the regions in the world?

Like in every Pokemon game, the regions are Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Shinou (which is currently undiscovered, due to the lack of information we have in real life on it and its Pokemon, and will remain undiscovered until the game comes out), and your characters can travel between them. Though, through technology, they can communicate with most anyone anywhere. They have those video phones like in the anime, too. :P

You can travel by boat/ferry from and to the regions, but Kanto and Johto are also linked by magnet train, seeing as they are on the same continent.

What about Pokegear?

Instead of having cell phones or PDAs or what have you, most characters (especially those at the Battle Academy) will have Pokegear that has a built-in phone, map, and radio. This is optional whether they do or they don't, but it'd be extremely helpful to them. Unless you just like being mean to your characters. :P

Do the Pokemorphs wear clothes?

Yep. Those attending the Battle Academy will be wearing the uniform of the color of their dorms, and everyone else can just wear what they might normally wear in their respective fandom. Certain clothing items may be omitted, but try to have the basics. Like, for example, if your character is something with a tail and/or no legs/feet, you don't need to have them wear shoes.

What's the deal with legendaries?

At the moment, legendaries such as Lucario and the Regi trio are alive and well, sometimes even living among normal Pokemorphs. However, legendaries such as the legendary dog-thing trio, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, the legendary bird trio, and Celebi and Jirachi are all hidden away in impossible-to-reach corners of the planet. Plus, there are only one of each. Mew, on the other hand, are said to exist in a tiny colony in a faraway place, living in secrecy away from other Pokemorphs that could do their species harm. And Mewtwo... well, I think you'll find out as the RP progresses. ;D

What sort of human functions do Pokemorphs perform?

Pokemorphs are very similar to humans in that they eat, drink, breathe, sleep, and reproduce like humans do. Well, for the most part... that last one varies from species to species. And Pokemorphs such as ghosts are excluded from these functions. But also like humans, Pokemorphs require food and shelter, and live in various places. Some prefer to go with their natural instincts by building nests or digging burrows, and others live in houses made of brick or wood like ours. There's very little in the Pokemorph world that doesn't exist that exists in our world, but Pokemorphs are a little more technologically advanced.

How about Pokeballs? Whatever happened to those?

Considered a primitive, ancient tool by modern Pokemorphs, Pokeballs exists only in the possession of scientists, paleontologists, and avid collectors. However, it is said that certain scientists are restarting their research on Pokeballs, thought to have been completed many decades ago. But that's just a rumor, of course. :D

If anyone has anything else they would like explained and added to the FAQ, comment here, please! :D

Player Contact Info

[ygo gx] double gotcha!!
Just in case anyone needs to contact anyone else, this post will not be friends-locked. If you don't wish to have your contact info publicly displayed, tell me and I'll screen your comment. This is just for mod lady's and players' reference. :3 And make sure you follow the format!

We'll start with my contact info:

LJ: aphotic
Email: aura[at]smallmagic.net
AIM: kazuhi017
YIM: kazuhi017 (but rarely online unless asked to be)
MSN: sapphiredewgong[at]hotmail.com

So, comment! :D

August 26th, 2006


Okay, so. This is the post where you comment with your questions, comments, or applications. If you have any questions before applying, this is the place to ask (unless, of course, you'd prefer to ask me in private).

Remember, this is the format, with the notes included:

Your Name:
Your Age: (Like stated before, PG-13, but we won't kick you out if you're 12, I promise.)
Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Description (and/or picture): (If you link to a picture, you don't have to describe them, but it would be a plus.)
Canon History: (When I say "canon history", I mean how you've altered your character to fit into the Pokemorph universe, not how their past plays out in their own fandom.)
Species: (If you're a Pokemorph, choose any Pokemon [even fourth gens!] and that will be your species. If you're a pure human or a legendary Pokemon, you should have a good reason for being so. Again, pure Pokemon do not exist.)
Other: (Any special abilities or other things that aren't normally part of your character or their species? List them here.)

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