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The Pokemorph Multifandom RPG

IT LIVES! (Application/Question/Comment Post)

The Pokemorph Multifandom RPG

Pokemon lolz

IT LIVES! (Application/Question/Comment Post)

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[ygo gx] double gotcha!!

Okay, so. This is the post where you comment with your questions, comments, or applications. If you have any questions before applying, this is the place to ask (unless, of course, you'd prefer to ask me in private).

Remember, this is the format, with the notes included:

Your Name:
Your Age: (Like stated before, PG-13, but we won't kick you out if you're 12, I promise.)
Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Description (and/or picture): (If you link to a picture, you don't have to describe them, but it would be a plus.)
Canon History: (When I say "canon history", I mean how you've altered your character to fit into the Pokemorph universe, not how their past plays out in their own fandom.)
Species: (If you're a Pokemorph, choose any Pokemon [even fourth gens!] and that will be your species. If you're a pure human or a legendary Pokemon, you should have a good reason for being so. Again, pure Pokemon do not exist.)
Other: (Any special abilities or other things that aren't normally part of your character or their species? List them here.)

  • Your Name: Sapphy
    Your Age: 14
    Character's Name: Marufuji Shou
    Fandom: Yugioh GX
    Character's Age: 15
    Description (and/or picture): Pic here, yo. (made by futureofsmiles) - Is a relatively small and scrawny boy, coming in at about 5'2". Has light blue messy hair. Has grey eyes and wears glasses. Of course, he's fuzzy and a most notable feature of his is that big fluffy squirrel tail.
    Personality: Shou is a sweet boy who shies away from people he isn't familiar with. For those he is familiar with, he's very clingy to them. Juudai is the main example of this; Shou refers to Juudai with the name of "Aniki" (Big Brother). He even sometimes argues with Kenzan over his Aniki. Shou treats mostly everyone with respect, especially his superiors. With a low-self esteem, he sometimes looks down on himself. However, when the time comes, Shou gathers up the courage to do an act of selflessness for the people he cares about.
    Canon History: Shou grew up with his brother, Ryo, who is an elite at Pokemon battling. Ryo gave Shou a Magnet as a family gift. In a battle, however, Ryo scolded at Shou for not being ready to use the Magnet, and demanded that he'd only use it once he's become a better battler. As the years passed by, Shou attend Battle Academy and met Yuuki Juudai at the entrance practical exams. Quickly befriending the high spirited boy, Shou started to look at Juudai as his best friend and role model. Shou passed the practical exam, yet got a low score on the written, thus getting placed in the lowest dorm of Battle Academy, Entei Red.
    Species: Pachirisu~
    Other: When caught by surprise, gives a small jolt of electricity. Has a secret liking for nuts and shiny things.


    As a seperate note, Power Bond is a Magnet because I was thinking of using a TM, but it just didn't seem right to me. I hope it didn't suck is okay that I made up part of Ryo's past also. :x *can be shot now*
    • ...*stupid grin*

      YAY SHOU~

      Power Bond sounds good as a hold item, unless I'm misunderstanding you. XD It doesn't suck, my dear. Really. :P It sounds very much like Shou if you ask me.

      Totally in because we need Shou and because you're good at him~! SO, JOURNAL IT UP!
      • It hath been done, aye. (Blame Ark for the username :D;;;)

        And what I meant about Power Bond basically finding a Pokemon equivalent of for Shou to have from Ryo. TMs would've been weird, in my opinion, so I just made it a Magnet. XD Eh, forget the fact that Magnet has a small percent chance of actually working, it's the idea that matters... :3;
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