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The Pokemorph Multifandom RPG

IT LIVES! (Application/Question/Comment Post)

The Pokemorph Multifandom RPG

Pokemon lolz

IT LIVES! (Application/Question/Comment Post)

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[ygo gx] double gotcha!!

Okay, so. This is the post where you comment with your questions, comments, or applications. If you have any questions before applying, this is the place to ask (unless, of course, you'd prefer to ask me in private).

Remember, this is the format, with the notes included:

Your Name:
Your Age: (Like stated before, PG-13, but we won't kick you out if you're 12, I promise.)
Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Description (and/or picture): (If you link to a picture, you don't have to describe them, but it would be a plus.)
Canon History: (When I say "canon history", I mean how you've altered your character to fit into the Pokemorph universe, not how their past plays out in their own fandom.)
Species: (If you're a Pokemorph, choose any Pokemon [even fourth gens!] and that will be your species. If you're a pure human or a legendary Pokemon, you should have a good reason for being so. Again, pure Pokemon do not exist.)
Other: (Any special abilities or other things that aren't normally part of your character or their species? List them here.)

  • Hmm, it took me a while to think of a character to play but I'll stick to the one I know best. XD

    Your Name: TMV
    Your Age: 21

    Character's Name: Daitokuji
    Fandom: YGO GX
    Character's Age: 26 or so. (I don't think it's ever said in the show.)
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/Xiphias/Amnael-Daito/amnael-9.jpg (Amnael)
    Personality: He can be calm and overly happy/expressive, but his body started to disintigrate. However, his happiness seems to be almost like a mask to his true nature, which can be deadly serious. His personality is a curious mix which you can never be too sure of. However, if pressed on diffcult questions or about his less steller deeds, he changes the subject. He also loves his cat, Pharaoh. He also likes to talk about alchemy.
    Canon History: Daitokuji is the Entei Red leader at the "Battle Academy", the school located on an island (as PDU mentioned). At the school, he teaches alchemy and is responsible for caring for all the Entei Red students. More than this, he can officiate battles between Pokemorphs and is an accomplished battler himself, since everyone tends to underestimate a poor Meowth. XD
    Daitokuji had to win fifty battles in a row to teach at the Battle Academy. Contrary to Chronos's elitist attitude as to who should enter, he is more free spirited. However, he conducts secret experiements at an abandonded dorm on the far side of the island; these include his personal alchemy (his laboratory) and illegal pokemorph battles.
    Several years ago, he was travelling the world to find the secret of the Philosopher's Stone. However, his body was blighted by disease, forcing him to create a new body for himself. He transferred his soul into it, and that body began to disintegrate. However, he found the secret of the stone and hides it away from anyone else's eyes within his special tome.
    Daitokuji continues to work at the academy but has his own goals in mind. Yet, he is not evil and will stand up for the students if needed.
    Species: Daitokuji - Meowth. Amnael - Persian. I hope to develop this in the RP as some sort of 'evolution'.
    Other: Besides being an Alchemist with Leet-God-Battle-Skills, he has a habit of being able to find loose change and adores anything shiny. Plus he has a pet cat, Pharaoh.^_^

    (You can't have Daitokuji without Pharaoh, XD).
    • I swear to god I squee'd out loud when I read you were apping Daito and Pharaoh. X3

      The evolution bit sounds like it'll be an interesting idea. And since we have a Juudai, it should work out swell. :3

      So accepted. Journal it up, plz! :D
      • I'm glad you liked it. I was trying to think up a character to use then voila! Daitokuji. ^^

        The journal is done, as you can see. I just have to wait for the pokemorph avi-thingy.
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