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The Pokemorph Multifandom RPG

IT LIVES! (Application/Question/Comment Post)

The Pokemorph Multifandom RPG

Pokemon lolz

IT LIVES! (Application/Question/Comment Post)

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[ygo gx] double gotcha!!

Okay, so. This is the post where you comment with your questions, comments, or applications. If you have any questions before applying, this is the place to ask (unless, of course, you'd prefer to ask me in private).

Remember, this is the format, with the notes included:

Your Name:
Your Age: (Like stated before, PG-13, but we won't kick you out if you're 12, I promise.)
Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Description (and/or picture): (If you link to a picture, you don't have to describe them, but it would be a plus.)
Canon History: (When I say "canon history", I mean how you've altered your character to fit into the Pokemorph universe, not how their past plays out in their own fandom.)
Species: (If you're a Pokemorph, choose any Pokemon [even fourth gens!] and that will be your species. If you're a pure human or a legendary Pokemon, you should have a good reason for being so. Again, pure Pokemon do not exist.)
Other: (Any special abilities or other things that aren't normally part of your character or their species? List them here.)

  • (Anonymous)
    Your Name: Alex
    Your Age: 15
    Character's Name: Alex
    Fandom: Pokemon Legends (A book I'm writing. He didnt say I could not be from your Imagination.)
    Character's Age: 100,000 rufly
    Description: weird very weird. He is allways carrying a staf with a RAYQUAZA curled around a pokeball. also he wears pants that are made for snowy whether, A shirt that looks like it is from the 80's,A leather biker's vest and a bandana on his head that is almost covered by a cowboy hat with a peace of green rope rapped around it. He also has a cloak on but it just looks like a cape with out the hood pulled up.

    Personality: likes to be alone.
    Canon History: havint altered him much xesept less rum drinking.
    Species: human. the reason he is so old is because of a curse that makes him live forever. never aging, never dieing, just going thru a neverending nightmare.
    Other: the ability to walk thru one door and come out another. Has the power of all pokemon tipes do to special talismans that he obtand dering his travils.
    • Actually, I believe we stated in the profile that you're not allowed to app an OC. Even so, allow me to concrit you a little bit.

      - Having the power of all Pokemon types is kind of... Gary Stu-ish. I suppose I could let the curse thing slip (but keep in mind some people are even stricter and wouldn't let you have a character that lives forever), but the power of all Pokemon... probably not, since it's extremely unlikely to have an all-powerful character. And even when there is an all-powerful character, there's always a plot point behind it.

      - What do you mean when you say "walk through one door and come out another"? Would that be like... teleportation or something?

      - Remember that in RPGs, spelling and grammar is always important. Aside from your personality, your spelling and grammar typically helps characterize you on the internet -- and bad spelling and grammar tends to leave a bad impression when you're applying for an RPG, especially ones with a lot of written-out roleplaying events.

      - You didn't really describe his personality or his history in-depth... in personality, it needs a little more than "he likes to be alone". Okay, we know he's a solitary kind of guy, but what else? And in the canon history, you just sort of assume that we already know his history, which most of us don't. So it'd probably be a good idea to elaborate on those two subjects especially.

      So, I'm sorry, but I can't let your character in. ._.; If you want to try apping a character from a certain fandom, then sure, I could take a look at that. Otherwise, OCs are automatically out. (Heck, you're lucky I decided to give you criticism, some people would just say "no" and that would be it.)
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